Elora School of Montessori

About the School

roomThe Montessori School of Elora was established in 2002 by Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)-trained teachers. The school, located in the historic Elora Centre for the Arts building on Melville Street, offers both primary and elementary programs. The primary program, for children 3½ to 6 years old, is available as full or half days. The elementary program, for grades 1 through 6, is full days only.

The Montessori School of Elora is dedicated to maintaining AMI standards and providing a high-quality Montessori education. Our goal is to help children reach their full potential in all areas of study in an environment that enables them to develop at their own pace and according to their own abilities. We believe that school should be a positive experience, where children gain confidence, become independent learners and, above all, find joy in learning.

A Few Comments From Parents

“Our daughter has truly blossomed in this nurturing environment. Her learning has accelerated beyond anything we could have imagined. This is entirely due to this school and the wonderful teachers.”

“We are so impressed with how the Montessori system has brought out the leadership and social skills in our son. The speed at which he is learning to read is incredible! We are thankful for the teachers for helping him develop his confidence while making it so much fun.”

“Thank you for creating a place where children can learn in the ways their minds desire.”

Open House